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The Art and Science of Successful Exhibition Skills
How to make an exhibition of yourself

“Can I help you?” is the usual opening guaranteed to frighten away a potential customer faster than they can say “No thank you. I’m just looking”. Yet it is the most frequently used question by the people staffing an exhibition stand.

Simply showing up at an exhibition with your beautifully designed brochures and backdrop is not enough. Managing a stand at an exhibition or trade skill requires skill, understanding and showmanship in order to attract the biggest audience and get the most from your investment.

How many times have you attended an exhibition and see staff on stands either lounging about at the back of the stand or stood in “repel-all-borders” lines of folded-armed executives? And how enticing do you find a stand where the staff are having an informal office meeting or enjoying a bit of a private giggle while they are away from the office? You, and hundreds like you, will walk straight past.

Research shows that the best stands are not the biggest ones, or the ones nearest the drinks areas or the toilets. The best stands are the ones where the people have an air of openness, energy and enthusiasm. These people know the power of good body language and understand how to engage potential customers. This research also shows that well managed stands get 80% more business than their competitors.

Whatever your reasons for taking a stand, whether to get leads, close deals, reinforce your brand or even to make a statement, this course shows you how to make the most of your investment.

It covers the following key elements:

  • how to make your stand look welcoming (whatever the design)
  • how to attract rather than repel customers
  • how to get their attention and maintain their interest in your products and services
  • how to look, feel and behave when your manning a stand
  • how to separate the “freebie hunters” from potential prospects
  • how to manage your stand
  • how to stay fresh, dynamic and enthusiastic (even on the fifth day!)
  • how to be different and entertain!
Modern exhibition audiences want to be entertained. They are looking for information, but they want you to give it with panache, style and confidence. There are too many people competing for their attention and their money. Make sure you get their attention first!
Key sessions include:
Personal Impact, Presence and Influence
Professional Negotiating Techniques
Advanced and Basic Selling Skills
Presentation Skills for Quivering Wrecks
Virtual Leadership and Management Skills
Networking Skills - How to “Work a Room”
Sales Management
Exhibition Skills Training
Cold Calling for Chickens

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