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Randi Garmann LønrustenRandi Garmann Lønrusten

Relationship building, Presentation skills, Negotiation, Media training

Randi is an associate of Spoken Word Ltd, and partner, instructor and project leader in the Arts based training company: Ergo;ego ltd. which is situated in Oslo, Norway.

Randi is an experienced consultant, facilitator and trainer in:
Relationship building, Presentation skills, Negotiation, Media training, Individual coaching for Leaders and Forum theatre.

With a background in the performing arts, Randi has specialised in teaching people how to manage themselves and create maximum impact in front of an audience.
Randi enjoys meeting different people from various professions sharing the same challenges and exploring what it is we do that works well – and what we could do to get better when it comes to communication.
Randi has worked all over Europe and with people from all continents and finds that different cultures both within each workplace and in between the boardes define our communication styles and are en enjoyable challenge to work on.

Randi is a senior partner in Ergo;ego ltd, a company which has existed for 11 years. Randi has worked for the company for 10 years now and been on the board since 1997.
Ergo;ego has been engaged in long term programmes and training with such companies as Siemens, Shell, Statoil, DnB NOR, and Telenor. Randi also works regularly for Pharmaceutical companies, lawyers, Norwegian Public sector and for political campaigns.

Randi is educated as an actress in Great Britain and had a short academic career at the University of Oslo in Theatre Studies. She has worked as an actress in Norway from 1996, in both musicals and contemporary plays. as well as TV and film.

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Key sessions include:
Personal Impact, Presence and Influence
Professional Negotiating Techniques
Advanced and Basic Selling Skills
Presentation Skills for Quivering Wrecks
Virtual Leadership and Management Skills
Networking Skills - How to “Work a Room”
Sales Management
Exhibition Skills Training
Cold Calling for Chickens

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