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Nicola Burnett SmithNicola Burnett Smith

Influencing, Negotiation, Sales, Personal Impact, Presentation, Facilitation

Nicola is an associate of SpokenWord Ltd and is a founding partner and lead creative training consultant of Xperient LLP, a training company specialising in experiential learning (www.xperient.co.uk).

Working frequently with senior team members of international organisations where the stakes are high internally and externally, Nicola is aware of how cultural differences can strengthen or weaken any negotiation and influence the outcome. Her experience in questioning witnesses in a judicial setting (see below) has helped her to identify the power of a really good question. Nicola believes that combining an open mind and a healthy curiosity with asking the right questions is the essence of how we can successfully build rapport, influence others and negotiate a deal to our satisfaction. As a facilitator, her strengths lie in assisting individuals and teams to develop flexibility of style and a confident and robust approach to challenging conversations.

Nicola is a Chair and Lay Member of the Professional Conduct Committee of the General Dental Council of Great Britain and the Appeals Committee of the Construction Industry Council. Previous positions as a Lay Adjudicator include being a Lay Member of the Conduct Committees of the Taxation Disciplinary Service and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Nicola’s career began in the performing arts in 1986 as an actor-musician in prestigious theatre productions, at venues ranging from the Royal National Theatre to international Opera and Theatre festivals across Scandinavia and the Far East. Since 1997 she has worked extensively in Learning and Development as a facilitator, roleplayer and designer of training events. Clients include Hiscox Insurance, Barclays Wealth, The General Optical Council, the National Health Service Appointments Board, Royal Bank of Scotland, Peugeot, Criminal Prosecution Service, HSBC, the Judicial Appointments Board, Astra Zeneca, Vodafone. As a co-founder of Xperient with business partner Ian Sanders, current major projects include senior development centres for international law firms Herbert Smith and Mayer Brown and Xperient’s own unique training workshops in the health care sector and for professional standards bodies.

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Key sessions include:
Personal Impact, Presence and Influence
Professional Negotiating Techniques
Advanced and Basic Selling Skills
Presentation Skills for Quivering Wrecks
Virtual Leadership and Management Skills
Networking Skills - How to “Work a Room”
Sales Management
Exhibition Skills Training
Cold Calling for Chickens

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