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Charles Middleton-SmithCharles Middleton-Smith MCIArb

Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills

Charles is a well-known commercial mediator who practices internationally. Since 2008, he has been co-trainer with Amanda Bucklow in delivering mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution skills training all over the world.

For Charles, training and education is extremely close to his heart and to make this a significant part of his working life was a natural progression from the many years of teaching and mentoring of young lawyers as a partner in a major international Law firm based in the CIty of London.

Charles is highly regarded by students of all ages and backgrounds. He frequently rece-ives admiring feedback for his unique combination of “calm, Zen-like” approach, engaging sense of humour and depth of knowledge and experience.

From 1991 - 2007, Charles was a partner at Hammonds (now Squire Saunders & Demp-sey) in London. In 1995 he was accredited by CEDR and is currently consultant on ADR for Squire Saunders & Dempsey: this is a unique position which includes educating and supporting the firms lawyers around the world in negotiation, mediation and conflict reso-lution. Charles has successfully promoted the ADR activities of the firm resulting in nomi-nations and awards for pioneering ventures in the field.

A seasoned litigator for many years, Charles is widely experienced in all manner of commercial cases. He has particular experience in niche areas of commercial agents regulations, media and fine art. Charles is equally at home with a results-oriented corporate manager as he is with rock stars and artists. Over nearly 30 years of law practice and during a time when breadth and depth were the hallmarks of the experienced, he has helped corporations, individuals and small business through crisis and conflict with equanimity, creativity and insight.

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Key sessions include:
Personal Impact, Presence and Influence
Professional Negotiating Techniques
Advanced and Basic Selling Skills
Presentation Skills for Quivering Wrecks
Virtual Leadership and Management Skills
Networking Skills - How to “Work a Room”
Sales Management
Exhibition Skills Training
Cold Calling for Chickens

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