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Amanda BucklowAmanda Bucklow FCIArb (Mediation)

Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Communication, Leadership and Change Management Skills

Amanda is an experienced commercial mediator and an accomplished teacher of conflict resolution, negotiation, communication, leadership and change management skills. She trains internationally and enjoys the dual challenges of teaching professionals for whom English is not their first language and teaching varied groups of adults from diverse cul-tures, age groups and professional backgrounds: a skill learned and refined over many years of practical teaching experience.

In 2006 Amanda published unique research in the field of mediator competence identifying the skills, attributes, skill and behaviours of effective commercial mediators and has extensive experience of designing and implementing regulated and non-regulated profes-sional competencies. Her teaching is enhanced by the early adoption of the science of positive psychology to support high performance and enduring skill sets.

One of the very few "career mediators" in the UK, Amanda has maintained a full time mediation practice since 1995 and has experience of over 850 disputes including those arising in safety, culture change projects and business re-engineering. The breadth and depth of her experience in mediating all kinds of disputes, within their relevant legal and commercial context, means that she is well prepared for any eventuality and any mix of issues. Her mediation practice enhances the relevance of her teaching and vice versa.

At university, Amanda studied law, business and languages in preparation for a commercial law practice relevant for international trading. She worked in the family engi-neering business dealing with the international distribution and supply contracts before joining CRA/RTZ as International Sales Manager for zinc metal sales. During her time with RTZ she managed a metals and foreign currency trading portfolio of several million pounds and developed a niche skill set for working with competitors without breaching anti-trust laws.

In 1990, following a commercial career in negotiation and communication, Amanda started an independent communications consultancy specialising in negotiation, co-operation and conflict resolution and was accredited as a commercial mediator in 1995.

In 2010, Amanda and her training partner, Charles Middleton-Smith were appointed exclusive international providers for commercial mediation training to the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

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Key sessions include:
Personal Impact, Presence and Influence
Professional Negotiating Techniques
Advanced and Basic Selling Skills
Presentation Skills for Quivering Wrecks
Virtual Leadership and Management Skills
Networking Skills - How to “Work a Room”
Sales Management
Exhibition Skills Training
Cold Calling for Chickens

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